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Here are two new development projects happening in our neighborhood.  One is just around the corner on Tompkins Avenue at the corner of Halsey Street.  The other, much larger project is on Fulton Avenue between near New York Avenue.

420 Tompkins, LLC

This use to be the location of the Weinstein Brothers hardware store.  We brought many a hardware supplies from them since 2003!  The new building permit, approved on October 22, 2014,  lists a six story building with 44 units.  Construction started early January, 2015.  We remember when the wired fenced was being installed because we were surprised how far the fence extended on the sidewalk.

The building is going to wrap around Halsey Street, covering the North/West corner of Tompkins Avenue and Halsey Street.


420 Tompkins Avenue 2

420 Tompkins Avenue 3

420 Tompkins Avenue 4


1413 Fulton Street

This new project is located directly across the street from the Super Food Town at   , replacing the Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center.  It is a commercial development that will comprise of a fitness center (Blink Fitness) with other retail establishments on the ground floor.  The Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA is of equal distance from us heading North.

Here is a rendering of the proposed new development.  The new building permit, approved September 18, 2014, lists a two story building with 6 stores.  Construction started in early January, 2015 for this project as well.

1413 Fulton Street New Construction 1


1413 Fulton Street New Construction 2

We will posts updates for you as these projects progress.

Live Brooklyn!




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