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Canarsie, BrooklynCanarsie is Algonquian for “fenced land” or “fort.” The Native Americans who made the infamous sale of the island of Manhattan for 60 guilders were Canarsee Indians. The neighborhood lies within he former town of flatlands, one of the five original Dutch towns on Long Island. At the southeast end of Canarsie is the bay with the prominent Canarsie Pier, and at the other end are mostly commercial warehouses and buildings. The neighborhood is mainly comprised of one and two-family detached homes and has many parks, including a large park (over 100 acres) commonly referred to as Seaview Park, but officially named Canarsie Beach Park. The principal commercial streets are Rockaway Parkway and Flatlands Avenue, as well as Avenue L.

In The News:  Living In Canarsie.  The Boundaries: Bordered on the east by Fresh Creek and East 108th Street, on the north by the Long Island Rail Road’s Bay Ridge Branch, on the west by Ralph Avenue and the Paerdegat Basin and on the south by Jamaica Bay.  The Commute: The L line services the area. Click on the “Directions” link in the menu on the left for exact walking/subway directions and commuting time.