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Sheepshead Bay, BrooklynSheepshead Bay is a seaside residential neighborhood, named for the sheepshead fish, that sadly no longer exist there. Found in Sheepshead Bay is Kingsborough Community College, a cozy college with its own private beach and offers various summer concerts for you to enjoy. Also there is the Holocaust Memorial Mall Park, New York’s first public memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. There are many excellent seafood resaurants in Sheepshead Bay including the famous Lundy’s.

In The News:  Living In Sheepshead Bay.  The Boundaries: Runs from Avenue X in the north to Shore Belt Parkway in the south and Ocean Parkway in the west to Nostrand Avenue, Gerritsen Avenue, Knapp Street and Shell Bank Avenue in the east.  The Commute: The area is served by the B and Q subway lines at the Avenue U, Neck Road and Sheepshead Bay Road stations. Click on the “Directions” link in the menu on the left for exact walking/subway directions and commuting time.