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Weeksville, BrooklynWeeksville was founded by African American freeman James Weeks, who purchased the land from the Lefferts estate in 1838. There were earlier African American landowners such as William Thomas (1832); henry C. thompson (1835); and others. they, however, lived outside the area that became known as Weeksville. James Weeks’ residence was described as a “handsome dwelling” located at the corner of Atlantic and Schenectady Avenues. The four frame buildings that house the Weeksville African American Museum were discovered in 1968, by historian, Jim Hurley and professional engineer and Pilot, Joseph Haynes.

The Boundaries: Runs from Atlantic Avenue in the north to St. John’s Place in the south and Kingston Avenue in the west to Ralph Avenue in the east. The Commute: The area is served by the A, C, 2 and 5 subway lines. Click on the “Directions” link in the menu on the left for exact walking/subway directions and commuting time